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Become fit in winter

“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate.” ~Author Unknown That is what I normally think about doing sports, but as I have just started working for Gladiator Events, and I need to get fit for 2017, I thought I should do something about it! This week, I learned that exercise …

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The perfect autumn weekend day

Even though the days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder, I love the autumn time. The cold dark mornings give us a good excuse to sleep until 10am on the weekend – that’s if your parents don’t call you early in the morning. Which mine do! The reason why my parents call me this early is that I …

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No Words….

Our Blogger, Sam, took part in the Gauntlet Games as her first ever obstacle race earlier this month. Here’s how she got on: First off, thank you to Crawley for such a fantastic welcome. Everyone was so supportive and welcoming and the area is beautiful!! So the day arrived for the games and I was so nervous. I didn’t know …

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I’m Ready Gladiators, Are YOU??

It’s arrived!!  The event we have all been waiting for, “The Gauntlet Games!” For nearly 4 months now I have been working hard on my fitness and diet. I’ve been through triumphs and fails and have come out the other side stronger and raring to go. It’s my first Gauntlet games event.  In fact, it’s my first obstacle course race.  …

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Sam’s Progress: How to deal with becoming Complacent

A Note from The Gauntlet Games: Sam has been doing so well and working really hard to inspire you all to keep going. Please share your stories with us below – we’d really love to hear from you.  As regular readers will know, we gave Sam a MyZone Fitness tracker to help her keep track of her progress. Here are …

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Sam training week twelve and thirteen : Guess who’s back…!

After 4 weeks of no training, my world fell apart.  I was feeling so low, I wasn’t interested in anything and couldn’t shift the mood I was stuck in.  Then it all fell into place….. I had a week away with my family camping.  This meant I had to use my knee or find a different way of getting on …

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Sam’s Training week ten and eleven : Every Runners Nightmare

Every Runners Nightmare Week 10 Training was going so perfectly.  I was making strong progress with distance and speed.  I felt strong inside and out.  Then Saturday morning happened…. My husband and I take it in turns on the weekend to have a lie in.  His is on a Saturday and mine is a Sunday.  As a normal parental duty, …

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Sam’s Training: Week Six and Seven

Phew!! What a fortnight of triumphs! Firstly, I got my 4 stone award in my slimming group.  This has been teasing me the last few weeks.  Every time I got close to it, I’d put weight on.  Now it’s mine and I plan on keeping it!  This means I’ve now lost 5 and half stone.  I can’t believe it.  I’m …

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Sam’s Training: Week Four and Five

This fortnight has been interesting and challenging.  New routes have been followed and work outs increased.  I’m aching, I’m tired and I feel alive!!  I also joined a few social media groups and the people are inspirational. When I felt I couldn’t be bothered, they kept me going.  Here’s how my training went: Week 4 Tuesday I ran with the …

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