What to wear to the Gauntlet Games

Here’s some top tips on what to wear if you are taking part in the Gauntlet Games…


Wear Lycra and avoid cotton!

Cotton is very good at holding water and once you get wet (which you will)

it will loose it’s shape and will be hanging around your knees!


Leave jewellery at home.


no valueables

Don’t run with anything you don’t mind losing.


Headbands are great for women with longer hair to keep it out of your face.

selfie stick

Leave all electronics at home or in the car unless they are completely waterproof and attached to you.

Many people run with GoPros and we love this as there are always great action shots and videos to share after the event.

sports bras

Ladies wear a good sports bra to stop the bounce.

mens tights

There’s nothing better than wearing either leggings or compression shorts under a lose pair of shorts for men.

Again avoid cotton!


All about the socks.

Again leave the cotton at home and go for a well-made wool or wicking sock

as you will probably have wet feet from the start to the finish!

Muddy trainers

Trainers – opt for trainers with a good tread, drainage and support.

Many people often wear an old pair of trainers to their first event but this can end in misery.

We would recommend – Inov-8 or Salomon or any trainer with Gore-tex for good drainage.

See you at the start line!

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