The perfect autumn weekend day

Even though the days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder, I love the autumn time.

The cold dark mornings give us a good excuse to sleep until 10am on the weekend – that’s if your parents don’t call you early in the morning. Which mine do! The reason why my parents call me this early is that I am a German Intern, who is working for Gladiator Events and living in London. They forget about the time difference, but I digress.

One of my favourite thing to do at the weekend is to go out for breakfast with a good friend, so here in London it is my roommate, or buy a coffee and a sandwich and search for a bench in a cool place with a great view. Last weekend I opted for the first one so we went into a small café and ordered avocadoes on toast.

The-Gauntlet-Games-Blog- Avocado- Toast-Breakfast-Weekend

After that stop, another one of my favourite things in London is to explore new places. It’s not winter yet, so it’s still not too cold for me. All the trees look so beautiful and colourful right now, so it is the best time for a long walk or a run through the park. You also can go to a market, like I did. I mostly choose markets because I am a big fan of vintage clothes and great food and just walking through all booths and also watch the very different people. Last weekend I chose one in Spitalfields and I must say, I found my favourite place here in London. You can put many different sun glasses or crazy hats on and try clothes from the 70’s. It would be a great place to get fancy dress for the Gauntlet Games! It is also possible to buy delicious food.

Market-Spitalfield-Market-Weekend-Blog-The-Gauntlet-Games-Fun-Girl-Blond          Boy-Girl-Spitalfield-Market-Fun-Sun-Glasses-The-Gauntlet-Games

We also bought a pumpkin and tried to make pumpkin soup. My roommate and I hadn’t done it before so I was a worried we’d burn the kitchen down but it worked out – the soup was delicious!


So, for me, the perfect autumn day is based around seeing and exploring new things, hanging out with good friends and eating good food. Small things, but they make me happy!
What do you guys think? Can you recommend any other places which I should see here before I leave in December?

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