Teams at The Games

Running the Gauntlet is fun on your own, but running with a team is So. Much. More. Fun.

We have discounts of 10% for teams of 10 or more, as well as amazing incentives to grow your team as big as possible…

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Entering a Team

Struggling to get your friends to join you? Start by joining our Event on Facebook and you can invite all your friends from there. That way they’ll see all the event sneak previews and updates from us – so we can do the hard work for you…

Team Rewards

  • Enter a team of 30 people and get a free private training session before the race!
  • Enter a team of 40 people and get a free GG headband for all your team members!
  • Enter a team of 50 people and get your own Gladiator to accompany you around the course and help you fight past the other Gladiators!

To claim your reward, contact us to let us know your team size.

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