Sam’s Training week ten and eleven : Every Runners Nightmare

Every Runners Nightmare

Week 10

Training was going so perfectly.  I was making strong progress with distance and speed.  I felt strong inside and out.  Then Saturday morning happened….

My husband and I take it in turns on the weekend to have a lie in.  His is on a Saturday and mine is a Sunday.  As a normal parental duty, I threw washing down the stairs before picking the baby out of his cot to go down stairs.  I hadn’t realised that there was a spare sock on the step and me and the baby tumbled down the stairs top to bottom.  Luckily Oscar was unharmed as I had protected him.  I, on the other hand had broken a bone in my knee.

Knee broken

As you can imagine, this has knocked me for six.  I’ve gone from 100% active to Zero.  I can’t go to work as it’s too painful to sit in an office chair with no support.  I’m sulking and absolutely gutted.  My weight loss is still good though.


Week 11

When I’m not internet shopping, I’m eating. I need to snap out of this mood.  Yes I can’t do much but it’s only for a few weeks.  My knee is improving quickly and I can now walk but only with a straight leg.  Running is definitely off the cards for a few weeks.  (The green eyed monster came out when Darran put on his running gear in the week!) I’m going back to work Monday so hopefully this will get me back into a routine.



In my slimming group, we have a social media support group and I have relied on them heavily this week.  I have spoken to them about how I’m feeling and about how I can overcome this.  It’s usually me giving the advice!!  This is what I did:  I wrote a list of reasons to lose weight and how being fat made me feel.  I also wrote a Pros & cons list of healthy food V Junk food.  Then I made a picture collage of my progress.  I have stuck all of these on my fridge and every time I go to it, it will remind me of how far I have come.



Last night whilst cooking tea in the serenity of the kitchen, I gave myself a good dressing down.  Told myself off and dusted off my mood.  My knee is improving quickly; I can even have a slight bend in it!

Today, I’ve woken up in a completely different mindset.   My determination has been restored.  I get bored easily.  Not just from being stuck at home but also with food.  Today I will be cooking batches of soups and freezing them, I can then take them out as and when I want them.

I’m going to fight this mood, I can do this!!

list Lose weight

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  1. Pam wilks

    Well done Sam . You’ve come a long way and it would be a shame to throw the towel in now. Yes you’ve been doing well. Yes you’ve come a long way with your running and exercise and yes it was a slap in the face when this was all taken from you with a fall down the stairs. But it was a minor setback and your half way through recovery and allowed your body to rest as well as your leg.
    We all have our down days and you’ve had yours. I’m glad you are able to dust yourself down and is going to be raring to go in a few weeks . Keep up the good work xx

  2. Chris

    Come on Sam you can do it. Don’t let this get you down you have come so far, kick this miserable face up the river and get that smile back positivity is the key xxxxx

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