Sam’s Training: Week Six and Seven

Phew!! What a fortnight of triumphs!

Firstly, I got my 4 stone award in my slimming group.  This has been teasing me the last few weeks.  Every time I got close to it, I’d put weight on.  Now it’s mine and I plan on keeping it!  This means I’ve now lost 5 and half stone.  I can’t believe it.  I’m so proud of myself; I’ve literally run my butt off!!


Secondly, the last few weeks, I’ve struggled to run 5k.  I usually run with a club and afterwards I felt deflated, frustrated and upset with myself.  So, I decided to go alone.  I ran 7.5K!!  Can you believe it??! Not once, 4 times!!  Whoop! Guess what…. I’m a runner!!

I looked at my times per km and was really pleased.  Averaging of 5mins/km.  Even my husband was impressed.  Just when I was starting to lose my mojo, there he is again 🙂

A lot of my days are spent thinking about food.  I love food! I can’t get away from that fact.  I’ve posted a picture of a normal meal to give some ideas. I try to limit the amount of carbs to only on days I exercise and fill up on protein, fruit and veg.Food

This week has also been about fundraising.  Kidney Wales Foundation is extremely close to my heart.  My grandfather had kidney failure brought on by diabetes and my son has kidney problems.  I’ve raised roughly £450!!!

And finally, the sun is shining!!  Let’s get out and move.  Any way possible.  Let’s run, skip and jump.  Smile to your heart’s content.  Your alive, lets live!!!!DSC_0009

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