Sam’s Training: Week Four and Five

This fortnight has been interesting and challenging.  New routes have been followed and work outs increased.  I’m aching, I’m tired and I feel alive!!  I also joined a few social media groups and the people are inspirational. When I felt I couldn’t be bothered, they kept me going.  Here’s how my training went:

Week 4
Tuesday I ran with the club around the lake.  The weather was gorgeous & the scenery was beautiful.  The flowers, fishermen and little ducklings following their mums in the water.  I forgot I was running and just took in the beauty.  It definitely made my run easier.
Thursday I went a different route and incorporated a few hills.  They were only slight inclines but wow, they were hard!  My legs were burning, my lungs were going to explode, and it really was a struggle.  But I did it!! I’m sure that if I had any energy left, I would have jumped for joy.
Saturday, I arranged to meet with a friend so we could run together.  My friend has only started running a few weeks ago.  My friend had to stop a few times to catch her breath but I could quite easily have kept going.  I was amazed how far I had come.

Week 5
Tuesday  – What a run!!  Someone had put the steepest hill in Cwmbran in the middle of my run.  It was absolutely the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time.  I couldn’t breathe and my legs were killing.  I walked the last few metres but I got to the top.  Once my breathing was under control again, off I went and finished my run.  Definitely the hardest run yet.  It hasn’t beaten me yet though, it keeps niggling at me and I know that I will conquer that damn hill!! Watch this space…..
Thursday I went to Kettle bell class.  It’s where my weight loss journey started.  After 3 months away, concentrating on my running, it felt like I was home again.  It’s amazing though how much fitter I am than the last time I went. Yes it was hard, yes it hurt but I could’ve worked harder.  My legs were like jelly after and I could barely walk up the stairs but my god, I feel good!
Sunday I did interval training.  I sprinted for 30 seconds and jogged for 1 minute.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  I put everything into it and ran uphill.  I was surprised how fast I could go.  My colleague said to me today (Monday) that she had seen me running and I was fast (smug feeling). I had been out the night before so was slightly hung over and still sore from Kettle Bell on Thursday.

It’s Monday today as I’m writing this.  I need to share my excitement of my new running trainers.  It’s my birthday tomorrow and my husband has bought me a new pair for my birthday.  We bought them a week ago and they have been looking at me all week.  Tuesday (19th) my husband has arranged a babysitter so we can run together and test out my new beauties.  I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

Boop Boop! Road-test these beauties























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