Sam’s Progress: How to deal with becoming Complacent

A Note from The Gauntlet Games: Sam has been doing so well and working really hard to inspire you all to keep going. Please share your stories with us below – we’d really love to hear from you. 

As regular readers will know, we gave Sam a MyZone Fitness tracker to help her keep track of her progress. Here are some of her recent workouts….3,500 calories burnt in the last 2 weeks! Go Sam! 

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Sam Workouts

Becoming Complacent

The last few weeks I have been very cocky with my diet.  My exercise has been spot on but because I’ve done well on my fitness, I felt I could cheat and have something naughty to eat.  The last two weeks, I have got away with it and have maintained my weight loss.  This week however, I was slapped in the face with a 1lb weight gain.  Has this happened to you?  How did you get back on track?

My meals have been fine, it’s that damn chocolate!!  I couldn’t get enough of it!!  It’s gone now; I’ve eaten it all….

My action plan to get back on track:

  • Write down everything I eat.
  • Drink less coffee (I drink a lot!) and more water.
  • Commit to the diet plan.
  • Set up a face book page. I’m genuinely a very positive person and enjoy motivating people.  Hopefully, by setting up a page, I can keep myself on track too.

I’m running twice a week slowly building up my distance.  I’m back up to 7.5km!!  I went back to my beloved kettlecise class.  It’s where my journey began.  It’s hard, it hurts but it works!  I could barely move for a week after the class but I kept pushing through with running and stretching.  The pain soon eased off.

Kettlebells Running time

Since launching my face book page, I have been invited to join a running club, which I very gladly accepted.  It also means that I am running a 10k charity run on Sunday 16th July!!  No pressure….!

When I hit plateaus like this, I remind myself what I have achieved in 15 months facing the daily challenges parents face.  Here’s what I do…

  • I have 3 children 1, 5 & 15 who keep me very busy.  Every Sunday is family day; we pack a picnic and head to a park for the day.
  • I work full time in a busy corporate finance office.  I manage a team of 7 staff which is very stressful and my mind never switches off.  I always take lunch into work rather than buying so I’m not tempted to buy rubbish.  I exercise 3 times a week after work and go to my slimming group once a week.  My husband and I have set up a fantastic plan that fits in with both of us.  He also exercises 3 times a week.
  • Plus writing my blog for you guys 🙂

When someone tells me “I haven’t got time” Believe me you do!  Find that time, get up an hour earlier.  Don’t sit watching tv, do something productive.  Think about how you can incorporate exercise in your week.

I really hope that my blog motivates and inspires you.  I’d love to hear your stories.

Sam xx

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