Sam training week twelve and thirteen : Guess who’s back…!

After 4 weeks of no training, my world fell apart.  I was feeling so low, I wasn’t interested in anything and couldn’t shift the mood I was stuck in.  Then it all fell into place…..

I had a week away with my family camping.  This meant I had to use my knee or find a different way of getting on the floor to go to bed.  I was cautious and if my knee hurt, I didn’t do it.  But I was fine and it made my day!! After being stuck in a rut for weeks, I was finally ready to move on.  I promised myself that after the holiday, I would get back on track.  The last few weeks I have put on 5 and half pounds and I can feel it! My clothes feel uncomfortable.  I needed to get back in the zone.

When I got back home, I stocked my cupboards up with good food and planned my meals for the week.  I love soup.  I could live off it.  So I made 2 batches, one of beetroot and carrot and one of carrot and coriander.  I put them in the freezer and just took them out as needed.

soups home made

I thought I’d have a go at running.  No timing or distance planned, just see how I went.  I can’t explain the euphoria I felt putting on my kit.  Earphones in, of I went.  I managed 2.7km.  It was so hard.  I couldn’t believe that a few weeks ago, I could run 7.5km, now I’m struggling to run 3km!  As you can imagine, I was gutted!  A friend of mine is also a runner with an injury so she suggested we go out together. We ran 5K!!!!!  It was hard and I would never have done it without her.  I was back on track.

first run post injury 1

Weigh day arrived.  I wasn’t expecting a loss due to my holiday so I just told myself I’d take the hit of the gain and work from there.  You can imagine my surprise when I had lost 2.5lbs!!  I was gobsmacked and ecstatic.  I was back in the game!!

The final part of my fortnight was when I went to physio and was discharged with looks of disbelief on the physiotherapists face.  They said I’d healed so quickly because I’ve been so active and was constantly pushing myself.  I haven’t got time to be injured; I’ve just had a promotion in work!!

So there we have it.  I’ve gone from one extreme to the next.  I want to personally say a huge thanks to the Gauntlet Games for keeping me going.  Your messages of encouragement mean so much to me.  Plans are coming together for em to run in the Crawley games and I can’t wait!!!

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  1. karen lewis

    Sam, you are doing so amazing well! A huge well done for getting yourself back on it and getting that loss this week!! Love reading your blogs! Completely from the heart, warts and all! You go girl! Well done you!!!!!!

  2. Deb Smith

    Sam. You really are a star!! So encouraging at slimming group, a wonderful daughter to your mum and clearly a great mum and friend. You deserve to succeed in all you do. Much love and the very best of wishes. Deb S. ( SW) xx

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