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Our Blogger, Sam, took part in the Gauntlet Games as her first ever obstacle race earlier this month. Here’s how she got on:

First off, thank you to Crawley for such a fantastic welcome. Everyone was so supportive and welcoming and the area is beautiful!!

So the day arrived for the games and I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to have for my breakfast then I didn’t know what time to leave the hotel but I got myself together and headed out the door. Arriving at the event, I was ready to get stuck in after donning my war paint, the warm up began.

This in itself was fun! The gladiators were shouting instructions to get us warm and moving whilst also giving us slight nudges to challenge us. We were introduced to different teams and then we were off.

The first part of the games was a 5k trail run with a few obstacles in the middle. The first one we came to was the walls. There was no way I could get over so my husband gave me a lift up and threw me over…. Then it was the see saw which was fun. We ran for a while through a beautiful forest jumping over streams, balancing on logs and sliding through mud. It was hard but it was so much fun and everyone was so supportive.

Then we came to the 5k of obstacles. Wow!! What a laugh we had! We were wading through water up to our waists, crawling through mud, swinging on monkey bars over water, and bouncing on inflatables. The gladiators were so funny but also really encouraging. They were egging us on and challenging us but also shouting words of support.

I didn’t know what to expect from the gauntlet games but I had an absolute ball. I got back to the hotel feeling broken. My body was aching and soul was tired. I showered, had something to eat and slept!!

My body was aching for days and when asked if I would do another one, I wasn’t sure. But after a few days, when asked again, my reply was “I’ve already signed up for next year!” I can’t wait.

I’m such a girly girl. My nails are always painted, my hair is always done and I always wear heels. Me being in mud was not me and I felt so free.

Thank you gladiators for giving me the encouragement to step out of my comfort zone.

See you next year!!

Sam xx

Ready to go         Gauntlet games

Sam with Race Director Sarah              Superwoman!

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