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The Gauntlet Games is operated by Gladiator Events. The Gladiator Events Team is a group of enthusiastic and experienced event professionals, all sharing a passion for the great outdoors and wacky challenges.
We want to share our love of fitness with everyone so we love nothing more than creating wild and wonderful activities like The Gauntlet Games!
Below you can find out more about the team and some of the other events that we organise.

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Sarah King

Sarah is Founder and Race Director of the Gauntlet Games. She has been in the Events and Obstacle Racing Industry for over 12 years, and started the Gauntlet Games because she wanted to offer an obstacle race that was more about fun than physical endurance. She loves the outdoors, adventures in the wilderness and creating (and testing) obscure obstacles and gladiator weapons. Which is lucky really given that’s what her job is. Contact Sarah here.

Paul Kenny

Paul is our resident Fitness expert and can mostly be found at the top of mountains, running at breakneck speed through London’s parks or devising new moves with the latest fitness equipment / instruments of torture. When he stops for breath he looks after all things fitness at Gladiator Events. Contact him with any questions about building up your endurance to help you beat the Gladiators.

Philip Kavanagh

Kav is our Course Manager at The Gauntlet Games. A former Royal Engineer, he’s also known as ‘Kav the Fixer’ – there is no problem too tricky for Kav to solve. We’ve tried, believe us. He’s a Yes man, and we like Yes men. He’s mostly seen whizzing around the Gauntlet Games course on event day keeping things running like clockwork and he’s the proud owner of a 4 x 4 tardis which has the ability to hold more tools than a DIY superstore.

Matt Hobson

Matt is one of our Area Managers for Gladiator Events and is also the chief course-tester (he’s the only one with enough energy at the end of our build to run the whole course at the rate of a gazelle). Matt has the admirable skill of taking a team of willing volunteers into the furthest flung parts of the course, in all weather, and bringing them back full of energy and smiles despite being wet and exhausted. Top bloke.

Miri Zaruba

Miri’s an Area Manager and is a multi-talented guy. Miri juggles Obstacle Course Building, professional photography, acting and stuntman performances into his professional life. You’re most likely to spot him taking snaps around the course, scaling trees with his bare hands and feet or bashing his way through the forest with his superior swordmanship skills.

Tati Zarubova

Tati looks after teams of Gladiators out on the course and is brilliant at keeping them happy and motivated while you all bash your way through them. Tati’s an acrobatic queen and if you look carefully you might see her back-flipping her way from inflatable to inflatable, before emptying pockets filled with chocolate to feed the hungry Gladiators.

Martin Sedlacek

Martin builds obstacles and looks after our Gladiators and Volunteers on the course. While he’s not pinning down giant slides and hammering together balance beams he’s a professional arm wrestler. Yes, you read that right – just Google him. You know Popeye’s biceps after a can of spinach? That’s Martin’s biceps. All the time.

Fabienne Peter

Fabi is one of our Interns from Germany. She is the face behind our posts on Instagram, Twitter and our Blog. There is never a day when she has bad mood, she is the smiling face of our Gladiator Family. In her free time she loves exploring markets in London, so you perhaps find her there with a coffee in one hand and a camera in the other. Good multitasking. She is also very excited for the Christmas Holidays when she is back in Germany and can go skiing, which is her favourite sport.

Jenny Adamczak

Jenny is the creative and calm mind at Gladiator Events while staying in London for her internship. She is the face behind social media posts and marketing activities as well as some parts of the new website design. On the weekend you’ll find her at the yoga class or walking around London with friends.

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Other Events

Gladiator Events runs a variety of other Obstacle Race Events for its partners. Come and join us at some of them. You can find out more below.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Muddy Dog Challenge
This is the UK’s first obstacle course where you can compete in 2.5km and 5km obstacle runs with your dog. You can enter as a team of humans, as a dog-and-human duo or go solo if your pampered pooch wants to sit out.

In 2017 there will be four Muddy Dog Challenges happening at locations across England. To keep up to date on exact dates and locations register your interest now.

Peace Hospice Care: Push it for The Peace
Gladiator Events is giving Push It For The Peace a makeover. 2017 will be its fifth year, and we’re bringing it back with a brand new look, location, route and obstacles.

Taking place on Saturday 23rd September 2017, we’re moving Push it for the Peace back to its original home of Cassiobury Park, Watford with a choice of a 5k or 10k route. On the route you’ll have to take on the obstacles in four distinct zones: The Inflatable Zone, The Foam Zone, The Water Zone and The Military Zone (10k route only).
Each of the zones will be jam packed with heaps of great obstacles. Some will be fun, some will be hard, some will get you muddy and some will get you very, very wet!
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