I’m Ready Gladiators, Are YOU??

It’s arrived!!  The event we have all been waiting for, “The Gauntlet Games!”

For nearly 4 months now I have been working hard on my fitness and diet. I’ve been through triumphs and fails and have come out the other side stronger and raring to go.

It’s my first Gauntlet games event.  In fact, it’s my first obstacle course race.  In actual fact, it’s my first event I have signed up to!!  Is it your first time?  How are feeling about it? Are you nervous?

You know when the Gauntlet Games asked me to write a blog; never did I imagine how motivated it would keep me.  I originally signed up to the Cardiff event but after breaking my knee falling down the stairs, I had to pull out.  I was devastated.  I slumped low into a deep depression and couldn’t see a way out.  Sarah (Director of the Gauntlet Games) stepped in and spurred me on and offered words of advice and support motivating me to stay positive.

Racing isn’t all about speed and time (although I do love a challenge!), it’s about mental wellbeing and strength.  As a sufferer of mental health, it has given me strength to tackle difficult situations, this being one of those times.

I quickly recovered and went from strength to strength, covering distances I never thought possible.  I was invited to join a running club and ran my first ever 10k race with them.  The running club I’m part of (Cwmbran Pub runners) is a massive support system and the people are truly inspiring.  It’s not all about competitions, it’s social too. My nerves during the race were incredible but I channelled them and used them to drive me.  I had a PB of 1hr 12 minutes knocking 4 minutes off my original PB!!

10k race       Running club       Timing

Since signing up to the Gauntlet Games, I have lost a further stone, giving me a total of 6 stone.  I still have another 2 to go before I’m done.  Even now, I amaze myself of how much I’ve lost.  Unfortunately, I still see the fat Sam.

It has been an absolute honour writing for The Gauntlet Games and I hope I motivated at least one person to get up and move a bit more.   Thank you for believing in me.  The Gauntlet Games is for all abilities and to say I’m excited is an understatement!

What are you wearing during the event?  Keep a look out for the 118 118 guys, it’s me and my husband.  I’ll need lots of support so please shout it my way.


So I’ll ask you again gladiators, are YOU ready??


Sam xx


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