The Gladiators: Our Top Five





Ahead of our Games on 8 August in Brighton, we thought we’d give you the low-down on some of our Gladiators that will be coming along.  Here are our top five:

Number 5: Minimum Heightuss

What he lacks in height, he makes up for in agility (and dashing good looks)

Minimum Heightuss1 Minimum Heightuss

Number 4: Mononoke

She may look harmless, but she packs a killer swing with an inflatable club.

Manonoke1 Mononoke


Number 3: Ginga Ninja

Don’t let the cheeky persona fool you…

Ginga Ninja Ginga Ninja1

Number 2: Katana

A gentle giant behind the mask

Katana1 Katana


Number 1: Spartacus


Spartacus1 Spartacus

See our top five, plus 25 more Gladiators, at the Games in August! #gladiatorsready










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