The Gauntlet Games – Nikki’s story


My name is Nikki Tyler and I’m 30 years old and from Stevenage , Hertfordshire. I took part in the recent Gauntlet Games at Woodhall Estate in a team of nine – seven women and two men and we were all aged between 30 – 45 years old.

I saw the gauntlet games page on Facebook and thought it looked fun. I think exercise is so much better when it’s made fun and exciting so I shared the page and my fellow gym friends thought it would be fab to go as a team so I signed us all up!

This race really fell into our laps. It was a couple of months away, was close to where we lived and, with the gladiators taking part at the obstacles, it seemed like added fun so we though why not!

Taking part as a team was a big plus for us. Anyone can exercise by themselves or take part in an obstacle race alone, but in a team you get the added benefit of encouragement and was also great to have a laugh all the way round the course.  I can totally say I trusted everyone of my team mates to have my back and help me if I was in trouble, somethings are more important than time on a clock.


We became friends at our local gym where we are members and regularly train in the gym and in classes together.

I used to train alone with my iPod in and talk to no one and then I tried a spin class 18 months ago and never looked back , everyone was so friendly and it opened my eyes to how fun the gym is. My gym buddies can always put a smile on my face and now I can honestly say that going to the gym is one of the best parts of my day. We celebrate each others successes and encourage each other towards our next goals in and out the gym. We have all been each others rocks through some stressfully bad times including breakups and such like. We are definitely not  a friendship to be reckoned with!

With us all having different abilities and strengths and weaknesses, I know some found different parts of the Games more challenging than others.

Personally I loved all of it, the water was challenging for me as I don’t like dirt but other than that I found it fab. I’m not a runner so the 5 km being split up with obstacles was definitely my thing.

My favourite obstacle had to be the 50m water slide. Everyone cheered everyone on. The atmosphere was so amazing and no one felt inadequate even if they didn’t slide very far .

We all crossed the line pretty much together and it was a great feeling, as my first obstacle race it was a great achievement for me and I’ve already booked to do another one. My husband and daughter cheered me on and he said that he would like to do my next race with me which is great!


I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Gauntlet Games; the Gladiators were fantastic at encouraging people on and playing their parts and I would 100% recommend this to anyone and the 5km distance is perfect for beginners! I’m definitely considering doing it again next year and might even sign-up for the event in September!

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