Crazy races around the world


We’re not the only ones that like coming up with obscure and fun ways to keep fit with our races. We’ve found out about some off-the-wall races around the globe recently, so we thought we’d tell you about them, maybe to inspire your next holiday!
Have you taken part in any of these? Or do you have any others to add to the mix? Let us know!

The North Pole Marathon
This is the world’s coldest marathon, because it’s located on the melting layer of ice around the Arctic Ocean. The wind chills at Santa’s homestead are -30 degrees. If you are afraid of meeting a polar bear, don’t worry. It’s even too cold for them. The course is a 2.6-mile circuit completed 10 times. After every lap there’s a tent to warm up and to keep hypothermia at bay. The fastest participant for this race took just 3 hours 36 minutes for the 10 laps. Brrr.

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Bisbee 1000 Ironman Ice Competition
From running though ice to carrying a 5 kilos block of ice with you. Welcome to Bisbee 1000 Ironman Ice Competition. It is the most unique (or random – you choose) physical fitness challenge in the USA! Competitors have to grab their block of ice in a pair of antique tongs, sprint up 155 stairs, dash across a trail that takes them back to the paved road, zoom down a steep winding hill to an exhilarating finish. Bisbee offers another option for you. The Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb is a four-and-a-half-mile course featuring nine different staircases and no ice, but the block of ice doesn’t seem too bad when you see this course.


Empire State Building Run
1576 steps and 86 floors of leg burning, lung-searing effort. You may think no one is fit enough to do it? The fastest runner takes about 10 minutes, to compare with the elevator you just need less than a minute to get at the top.

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Burro Days
Now to a little bit different type of run. We might have heard of the Muddy Dog Challenge where you have to run with your dog but what about the Burro Days – a run with a donkey! It has been an annual event in Fairplay, Colorado since 1948, which celebrates the role of the donkey in mining days of old. Each participant has to race alongside a donkey and competing against other human-animal pairs on courses ranging anywhere from 4 to 29 miles over rough mountain terrain that reaches the 13.000-foot summit of Mosquito Pass. If you think you can sit down on the donkey, no way! Immediate disqualification…


Wife carrying run
It is the perfect race to strengthen your body and your relationship! Welcome to the World Wife Carrying Competition in Finland. The goal of this race is for a husband to carry his wife across an obstacle course in the fastest time. The length of the official course is 253.3 meters and the surface of the track is partially sand, partially grass and gravel. The course has two dry obstacles and one in the water. This run takes place all round the world, but the original one takes place in Finland.



Eyeful of the Tiger
That is definitely the craziest race I have heard about and it takes place on our shores, in London. At this race participants paint their nude bodies in fitting tiger stripes and prowl around the zoo. The annual event funds ZSL’s work protecting tigers and their habitats around the world.



The Gauntlet Games
From one fundraising event to another. Welcome to the Gauntlet Games – a gladiator-themed obstacle race. Yes, of course you have to fight against a Gladiator!
The obstacles are all inflatables, foam, slides, water and more – well, you know the rest. And if you don’t, it’s about time you sign up!

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Dunny Races
The dunny race surely embodies the pinnacle of Australian festival toilet humour. On Australia Day (again) the road outside the Sunshine Coast’s Ettamogah Pub turns into a thunderbox drag strip with the athletes acting as human horses as they en-deavour to pull their loo quickest and be declared Dunny Race Champion of the World. Other towns, such as Werribee, Victoria, and Quilton in Outback Queensland, have also dabbled in dunny races.