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“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate.” ~Author Unknown

That is what I normally think about doing sports, but as I have just started working for Gladiator Events, and I need to get fit for 2017, I thought I should do something about it! This week, I learned that exercise can genuinely be fun….
I know that now that it’s Winter, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get active, so I thought in the name of research, and to help you guys out, I should write a blog on some of the more fun fitness activities you can do in the UK. So, I persuaded a few of the team at Gladiator Events to join me in trying something different!
The first class was a TRX class, where our Race Director Sarah went.

Here’s Sarah’s story:
‘I tried out a FiTRX class at Heartcore, Fulham this morning. The Fitrx class description warned me to ‘expect to sweat and feel the burn’. It’s a TRX class – suspension straps designed to strengthen your core – but with the inclusion of heart rate monitors, complete with a projection on the wall of your heart rate showing you how you’re doing.
I like to think that I keep myself fairly fit. But the FiTRX class basically made me realise that I am not pushing myself. At all. The clever introduction of the My Zone fitness trackers means that you are constantly watching your effort, projected onto the wall, seeing which ‘zone’ you are in and trying to push yourself harder. Plus, of course, you end up comparing yourself to everyone else in the class and trying to beat them. (Competitive, me? Never). The result of this is that you push yourself much, much harder than usual.
Georgia, who took our session, gave a really varied class with different exercises every 30 seconds, counting down and making sure we had no time for a breather before moving on to the next. She did an amazing job and kept us all motivated, and the mix of exercises felt that every muscle in my body had been worked out – even those I didn’t know existed.

sarah-trx sarah-trx-1

I would highly recommend Heartcore – they also run Pilates classes, regular TRX classes and Barre classes. The attention to detail in the studio is amazing – from walking into reception where you are greeted by the ‘host’ – in a comfy lounge area, to the downstairs changing area which has personalised lockers, showers with quality products and soft towels, and even a little pot filled with spare hair bands in the hair drying area (such an easy thing to do but it makes all the difference!). Even if you come out of your class feeling completely exhausted and sweating profusely (like me), after some pampering in the changing area you feel like you’ve come out of a spa session.’
Follow on Instagram: @heartcorelife
Website: Heartcore, Fulham

Jumping with us – Fabienne’s turn
‘For my activity, I chose jumping fitness. I must honestly say when I saw the video from Andrea`s class I was pretty terrified because I didn’t think I’d be fit enough for the class. Moral support from my colleagues included comments such as ‘you might die’, which didn’t really help….
So on Thursday it was time for my class. I chose a class with Roku in Ealing.
I really thought the class was amazing – it was very hard but worth it! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun during a fitness class. The music in the class was great, I would have sung along if I had enough breath! A great thing of Roku’s class is that there are parts which are really tough but there are plenty of breaks with stretches and yoga moves so that you can get your breath back. Everyone in the class was really motivated, laughing and smiling and enjoying the music.


At the time it didn’t feel too much like hard work, but the day afterwards my legs were telling me otherwise! But for me, that’s a sign of a great class – I was having so much fun that I forgot I was working hard!
I would definitely recommend these classes. There are 7 classes across London and they also offer beginner classes, which I must recommend to you guys. I promise you will leave this class with a smile on your face!
Instagram: @jumpingwithus
Website: jumping fitness

Justin Bieber Dance Class – Jana’s turn
Good Morning, it is Saturday and I am on my way to my Justin Bieber Dance Class. This class is offered by the City Academy, which has over 70 different classes across London, for acting, dancing and singing. I must admit that I am secretly a small “Belieber” so I am really excited for this class even if I have two left feet. For those people who do not like his music they also offer a 90s Britney Spears, Spice Girls or a Beyonce Dance Workshop and a lot of other classes.

img_4921 img_4916

When I went into the class there were a lot of people who were my age and older and also some guys, which surprised me the most. Our dance teacher was really cool, we started with a warm-up to some songs of Justin. This warm-up also included the first dance moves. It was so much fun! After the warm up we learned the dance steps for first 30 seconds of his video. Normally I am not a dancer and I am also not very good in dancing, but as I was together with other people who were exactly the same as me, it was great! I didn’t manage every dance move and I definitely wasn’t on time all the time, but I had so much fun.
The most important thing we’ve learned is just because it’s Winter you don’t have to fall into hibernation. Instead, search for different fitness and dance classes, so that you can have fun while keeping fit. Then you’ll definitely be ready to take on the Gladiators next year at the Gauntlet Games!
Instagram: @cityacademyuk
Website: City Academy

Thanks to Heartcore, Jumping with us and Justin Bieber Dance Classes for inviting us to take part in their classes. Click on the links below to sign up for a class yourselves.
Jumping with us
Justin Bieber
We live in London, so all the classes we told about are in London, but it doesn’t matter where you live, there will always be fun classes to try. Here are some suggestions:

Manchester: Jump Nation
Brighton: Gymnastics Club
Cardiff: Trampolin Park

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